Apps working again

Please click the refresh dns on the app screen and everything will start working again.



Sapphire Team

New Payment Processor


New payment processor has gone live again and is accepting cards payments, there may be delays. To be on the safe side delete stored payment info and re-input them, Universal should be in the drop down menu on the invoice for the payment method.

Issue With American Express

We had an a slight issue with the new payment processor for all American Express customers. 

For some reason the payment descriptor was saying "IDEAL" instead of "Universal "

This is now fixed and in future will appear on your statements properly.

If you see the IDEAL on your statement that is us



As you are well aware of this deadly outbreak across the globe we ask you be patient with staff who may not answer tickets as fast as they normally do, rest assured they will work as fast as they can to help you. Please all stay safe in these unprecedented times.


Hello,   As you are all aware of our current situation please understand we are doing the best we can to keep the website and services running as normal as possible but unfortunately with the current issues with our main server software some things will be down till we find a new software solution.   We understand to you guys this does not ...